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Jun. 12th, 2008 | 03:24 am
mood: annoyed annoyed

so okay im this like HUGE fan of expressing yourself through makeup clothing whatever. I don't really make fun of "scene" kids because whether or not they are posing isn't for me to judge. I think it's more satisfying to accept that trying to be different (even if its by copying something..) is better than just being bland and boring. I totally have to leave this group community whatever called badmakeup because all they do is shit talk about people. You're suppose to post 15 pictures of people with horrible makeup and then make fun of them. Uh talk about no lives. It's okay to be like yeah some people can't do their makeup, some people fucking suck at it but seriously to go out of your way to create a group to degrade others wow. So they post pictures that they take from people's myspaces and humiliate them calling them failures, losers, gross etc. And I hate to be the party pooper and judgemental contradicting my reason for writing this but... Some of the people posting the pictures, and some of the people commenting WERENT SO GREAT AT MAKEUP THEMSELVES JUDGING BY THEIR SELF-ICONS. So. Wake up people. If someone wants to wear yellow eyeshadow with black spots and some red false eyelashes who fucking cares. its different and expressive whether well blended or not. when it comes to being artistic and expressing ones self there are no real rules the only opinion that truly matters is yours that when you walk out of the house you feel great. if more people loved themselves and maybe didnt have so many insecurities they wouldnt make fun of something so petty. In other words for the people who don't understand. I'm not saying you hate yourself and thats why you make fun of others I'm saying that when you make fun of others youre only making yourself hurt and have more false standards. Does that mean you have to be perfect every waking second because some judgemental soul like yourself will go and make fun of you? Sheesh. get outta here

on a weight loss note
i have lost 4lbs
i didn't go to the gym today or yesterday.. i highly doubt im going tomorrow but i will be going the day after for sure
what did I eat today

im pretty sure i had a handful of trader joes chocolate chip cookies, 2 diet cokes, lots of water, hamburger helper at din din and thats about it for today.
not so good. oh and a piece of pound cake LOL

not the healthiest eater but we're working on it :]

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the morning hours of a year 2008

Jun. 9th, 2008 | 03:48 am
mood: thankful thankful

Today I wanted to rediscover my past through writings and journals and i came upon this live journal of mine. I realized that friends come and go. People change. We mature, whether we want to or not growing up is virtually inevitable. I long for the cheap thrills that entertained me when I was younger. It was very easy to find joy in chatting online, updating a journal, ranting, talking smack etc. I miss easy smiling. A lot of the entries, comments and replies I read I really don't remember. It's sad. It pains me that I stopped documenting my life, trials and tribulations because now there is a gap in my story. It seems like a far great leap from the girl who once had all the obnoxious screen names in the world to someone who now spends their time at home with a spouse and child (of the doggy nature). Though I've grown up more than I could have ever imagined I'm still the same deep in my heart. Funny face making girl who will always laugh when people fart, makes up her own words, and is still convinced that she is the most unique person in the world.

That I am, kiddos. That I am.

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